FACILITY OPERATIONS Whether your business is supplying drinking water to the residents of a sprawling metropolis or educating adults on the campus of a modest community college, the function of managing facilities is integral to your success or failure. Facility Management integrates the business, customers (internal and external) and facilities. The costs of building, including operations and maintenance, are often the largest expenditures for organizations. Unfortunately funds budgeted to address facility needs are usually the first to be cut, presenting a difficult challenge for those charged with the task of Facilities Management. A proactive approach to Facilities Management, including the consideration of industry standards and best practices and utilization of technical tools, may aid in minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency and ultimately contribute to improving the organization's operations. OUR GOAL: We take a “bird’s eye view” of an organization to determine how our services may provide the greatest tangible benefit across business functions and departmental boundaries. Services include: • Assessment of Current Operations • Evaluation of Existing and Potential Use of Meters, Monitors & Sensors • Standards Evaluation • Vendor Solution Evaluations • Standard Operation Procedure Manuals • Operations & Maintenance Support • Construction Management • Meter Automation
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