FIRM HISTORY KHEOPS traces its origin to the time of WW I (1917) when the firm of Cudall, Powell & Mosher was organized for the practice of engineering in the City of Buffalo. 1922 Cudall, Powell & Mosher incorporated under the name of Industrial Planning Corp. 1940 The firm of Cherry, Cushing & Preble was founded as successors to Cudall, Powell & Mosher. 1959 Following the death of Mr. Cushing, it was known as Cherry & Preble. 1962 Lloyd L. Conable, Jr. and Elmer B. Sampson joined the firm with the name changed to Cherry, Preble, Conable & Sampson. 1967 Following the death of Mr. Cherry and retirement of Mr. Preble; Edward E. Van Kuren, L.S.; Gerald T. Gertis, L.S. and James A. Huffcut, P.E./L.S. joined the firm and renamed it Conable, Sampson, Van Kuren, Huffcut & Gertis. 1969 Lanse, Pennsylvania based firm of Butler Engineering was acquired to expand our mapping and photogrammetric operations. 1976 The firm was renamed Tallamy, Van Kuren, Gertis & Theilman. 1980-1982 The surveying firms of Griffith and Associates in Ashville, North Carolina and Daniel Wilson & Associates, Camden, South Carolina were acquired and active during 1980-1982. TVGA also acquired Roy Straley, LS, successor to Straley Brothers and J.J. Straley. 1985 The firm then known as Tallamy, Van Kuren, Gertis & Associates acquired the two Tampa Bay, Florida area firms known as Crumley & Associates of New Port Richey and Florida Land Consultants of Brandon. 1987 The survey firm of Mooney Associates of Florida was obtained. 1993 The Partnership form of business was transferred to the Professional Corporation of TVGA Engineering, Surveying, P.C. 1995 The firm built a new Corporate Office Facility in Elma, New York. 2002 The firm change its name from TVGA Engineering, Surveying, PC to TVGA Consultants in an effort to enhance our corporate image in the industry. 2011 TVGA moves its’ corporate headquarters to Main Street in Downtown Buffalo. 2013 KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering and Survey, DPC is established and purchases the assets of TVGA
KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering & Survey, DPC l 300 Pearl Street, Suite 100, Buffalo, NY 14202 l 716.849.8739