OUR COMMITMENT Our employees have made a pledge to maintain a commitment to communication, environmental stewardship and sustainable design. We take these commitments very seriously: • Communicate with our clients. Guarantee a 24 hour call back. • Serve as stewards for the earth’s natural resources and our clients’ vision. • Maintain a commitment to sustainable solutions. OUR APPROACH All too often, quick short-term solutions are provided, which lead to future problems. To be true stewards, it is important to consider the long-term possibilities and account for them in today’s answers. We accomplish this by: • Listening to our clients’ needs and concerns. • Building a collaborative partnership. • Bringing our clients’ vision to fruition. • Utilizing a systematic approach for creating innovative solutions. • Proposing a multi-faceted and shared approach – from the first meeting to project completion. • Addressing today’s needs without making them tomorrow’s problem. When a client partners with KHEOPS, they will be bringing a project manager to the team. Our clients are not required to manage our managers. OUR MISSION To provide solutions that improve the built environment for today’s issues, without creating tomorrow’s problem, while serving as stewards of both the earth’s natural resources and our clients vision. OUR NAME KHEOPS built the great pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and one of the first engineering feats. known to man.


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